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Developing properties with dedication
Innovation and the environment are of the utmost importance to Estmak Capital. Our developments are based on the latest knowledge in the fields of design and construction, and the business and residential complexes we create form fully integrated environments of their own in which every detail is carefully considered. We want to offer the best property development in the Baltic States and to create sustainable value for future generations.
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The Estmak Capital has operated since
180 000+ m2
Total area of residential, commercial office, industrial, and other purpose buildings constructed by 2023
LEED Platinum certificate
Explorer office building became the first structure in Estonia to be awarded
The Brelf Awards 2022
Our real estate development project in Latvia was nominated

Business Philosophy

Our vision
Our vision is clear: to exemplify property development in the Baltic States. We aspire to be at the forefront of sustainable and eco-conscious construction, providing exemplary business and residential complexes that not only meet today's needs but also anticipate tomorrow's demands.
Our mission
At Estmak Capital, our mission is to set new standards in property development that transcend mere construction. We aim to create harmonious and fully integrated environments in commercial and non-commercial structures, allowing vibrant and sustainable communities to flourish.
Our philosophy
Our philosophy is rooted in single-mindedness and innovation. Our core belief is that the built environment plays a pivotal role in shaping the quality of life for both individuals and communities.
Our values
Our values center around sustainability, innovation, and a dedication to creating lasting, positive impacts on our communities and the environment.
Why should you choose us?
Working with Estmak Capital means embracing excellence, innovation, and sustainability. With a firm commitment to exceeding expectations, we lead the industry in eco-conscious construction.

Our track record of award-winning recognition, including LEED Platinum certifications and pioneering energy-efficient solutions, speaks to our dedication to setting new standards in property development.

We actively contribute to a greener future through tree-planting programs, renewable energy charging stations, and visionary projects like the Versum stock offices and the Lāčplēša Quarter.

With Estmak Capital, you gain a reliable partner and inspiration that fuels your business's growth and innovation. We're your strategic allies, inspiring new heights of success with every space we create.
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Our History and Buildings

Dedicated to excellence since our founding, we have continuously pushed boundaries in property development, embracing innovation and sustainability at every step.
Promenaadi Majad was the first building in Estonia, which extracts energy from the pile foundation, which are located ca. 20m below ground.
Explorer office building has a LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate.
Our developement "Kuuseheki" was a success
The Explorer office building, located in the historic harbour area, uses the latest technology
MOOW is a project which is created for your comfort and well-being. We are proud to be able to offer you the best conditions for taking care of your health.
Versum - Stock Office in Riga, combine everything your business needs. An office, a warehouse and a showroom that work seamlessly together.
Novotel Living
Wittenhof - Modern residential and commercial district close to city center.
Coming soon
Lačpleša Skvers is a visionary urban development project to create a vibrant and versatile city quarter where residents can live, work, and relish their leisure time.

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